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Arrived the Christmas festival again, similar to usually, local scholars come out to oppose the Chinese in succession again recently over" Christmas festival", the many people emphasizes the Christmas festival again and again again western is a religious sex festival, is a family day, the person wants to meet together together a
(12/01/2013 00:00:00) [查看全文]
The world we live in is becoming more and more intolerable because of environmental destruction. Bird flu and Sars are two typical examples that environmental destruction may threaten our life. Besides, forest destruction , water and air pollution result in decrease of planting land and unpleasant weather.
Serious as the problem seems,
(12/06/2010 12:34:41) [查看全文]
In my opinion,my best friend changed my attitude towards life.
She is an opitimistic girl, she always appears with her big smile,and her dimple makes her look lovely and sunshine.Her passion to life infects me , she never felt disappionted no matter what difficulties she encounters with. She knows how to arrange her time properly,
(12/06/2010 12:31:01) [查看全文]
Salaries should reflect people’s dedication and job responsibilities. However, sports figures, who don’t benefit the community in general, earn millions of dollars each. In my opinion this is wrong. Things should be done to change this situation. 
If we take the examp
(01/20/2009 08:24:05) [查看全文]
(10/04/2008 12:46:53) [查看全文]
(09/26/2008 06:29:23) [查看全文]
Any individual in China will be deeply impressed by the scene portrayed in the picture, which is immensely exciting and spectacular. This vivid drawing symbolizes the progress of our science and technology, and especially the achievements of our space exploration. We conquered the space, and the conquest represents a visible proof of our nation’
(09/23/2008 06:28:23) [查看全文]
(05/22/2008 06:17:05) [查看全文]
I was a child Aba, examinations of the Chengdu University of the Southwest University of Finance and Economics.
Yesterday afternoon, and I always like sitting in their dorm room, ready to classes on the afternoon of a sudden, a while obviously felt the shake, and then I immediately from the reaction, shouting out: "Ea
(05/17/2008 11:35:22) [查看全文]
Premier Wen Jiabao, earthquake relief in the frontline commander-in-chief, a session of more than 60-year-old, aftershocks continue in the disaster scene to the spirit of ecstasy in the rubble piled up on the ruins of trouble, and even save people very anxious hands. Fall, climb up, injured his arm bleeding so doctors do
(05/17/2008 11:33:10) [查看全文]
Friendship is a kind of relationship that many accompany you all your life. The relationship with your wife or husband occurs only after you are married and runs the risks of being cut down by divorce. The relationship with your parents will be put to an end with their passing away
(06/25/2007 08:59:29) [查看全文]
(06/25/2007 08:58:41) [查看全文]
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Ideal Job. You should write no less than 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:
Remember to Write your composition neatly.
My Ideal Job
(06/20/2007 08:33:03) [查看全文]
My ideal job is a job which has the link with English, because my profession is english. I wish I would listen to,speak,read,and write english very well. we all know that english can be used in all walks of lifes. So I can not describe my ideal job correctly. Maybe one day I will face to so many strange faces t
(06/18/2007 08:06:12) [查看全文]
Friendship is a kind of relationship that many accompany you all your life. The relationship with your wife or husband occurs only after you are married and runs the risks of being cut down by divorce. The relationship with your parents will be put to an end with their passing away
(06/18/2007 08:04:43) [查看全文]
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